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  Possible Canadian    Lighthouse Sightings?

Early Morning

 12:30 - Carmanah Point

12:45 - Pachena Point

1:30 - Cape Beale

2:30 - Amphitrite Point

4:00 - Lennard Island

6:00 - Estevan Point

7:00 - Nootka

11:00 - Quatsino


Possible Canadian    Lighthouse Sightings?

(And Links!)

Bonilla Island

McInnes Island

Lawyer Islands

 Holland Rock

Lucy Islands

Triple Islands

Green Island


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Alaskan Lighthouse Adventure in Paradise

Day 1 - Seattle - Departure

Day 2 - Day at Sea

Day 3 - Ketchikan

Day 4 - Tracy Arm Fjord

Day 4 - Juneau

Day 5 - Skagway

Day 6 - Day at Sea

Day 7 - At Sea

Day 7 - Victoria, BC

Day 8 - Seattle - Arrival

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Lots of Daylight!

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Alaskan Lighthouse Adventure in Paradise

Harbour Light's 20th Anniversary Reunion Cruise

Day 2 - Day at Sea

Green Island Lighthouse - BC, Canada


Saturday June 11th Day at Sea Time to Unwind & RELAX

Or do a little shopping!

Deck 5 houses the shopping for the ladies, and gentleman. Here you will find those forgotten or "confiscated" items onboard and a great duty free liquor store. About the only unfortunate issue on the liquor is you cannot purchase it it onboard for consumption, it has to go home with you. Speaking of liquor, if you purchase it in the ports you will also not be able to bring it onboard for consumption. You can turn it over to the ship and they will store it for you to take home at the end of the cruise.

Here onboard the Infinity you will find a nice Coach Store. These shops are duty free and are only open when we are not in a port. They also sell a lot of Swarovski Crystal, both in jewelry and figures, logo gift items and clothing. If you enjoy print art you will also find an onboard art auction company known as Part West.


Lunch time for me is in one of my favorite little restaurants, the Aqua Spa Cafe. This restaurant serves up a healthy flavor of food for breakfast and lunch only, in the evening the staff serves a very good meal in the specialty restaurant, the SS United State. You'll want to try the Aqua Spa Cafe at least once for lunch, have them cook something fresh for you as the flavor is outstanding! There are many options for lunch and you will not be onboard long enough to try them all so check out your daily schedule and try what sounds good to you.

2:00 4:00 Meeting Time?

On your left is the Infinity's "Guest Relations" desk, this is where you want to check on any issue with the "cruise" portion of our trip. They have your "sea pass" account information and balance, like your bank account onboard the ship. If you have any questions or need help with anything, this is a good place to start. For our repeat Celebrity guests please stop by and meet the Captain Club host, always worth a visit .For those new to Celebrity Cruises stop by for a visit and get the scoop on becoming a member.


Check it out, these shots were taken at 10:00 pm! Yes we are headed to the "Pacific Northwest", the last frontier, and it stays light here for a long time! The longest day of the year is June 21st, we won't be onboard on that date, but we will be very close! The sunset on the left is taken from the "Promenade" off of deck 4, the two shots below are from the "Constellation" lounge where we will have a couple of our get togethers.



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