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Early Morning Lighthouse Sightings

4:00 Five Finger Islands

Alaskan Lighthouse Adventure in Paradise

Day 1 - Seattle - Departure

Day 2 - Day at Sea

Day 3 - Ketchikan

Day 4 - Tracy Arm Fjord

Day 4 - Juneau

Day 5 - Skagway

Day 6 - Day at Sea

Day 7 - At Sea

Day 7 - Victoria, BC

Day 8 - Seattle - Arrival

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Just another day in paradise!

Sawyer Glacier

Nice "reflection" on life!

Whoops, busted by the my buddy Graeme


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Alaskan Lighthouse Adventure in Paradise

Harbour Light's 20th Anniversary Reunion Cruise

Day 4 - Morning in the Tracy Arm Fjord & Sawyer Glacier



Monday June 12th

Tracy Arm Fjord (Sawyer Glacier) & Juneau Alaska

 Five Fingers - 4 AM?

6:00 10:00 Cruising the Tracy Arm Fjord

Trust me, there might not be a lighthouse in the Tracey Arm Fjord but what an incredible way to spend a morning! Unbelievable "photo ops", maybe we should have a photo contest, I bet there would be many awesome entries for that contest! These two shots below were taken prior to 7:00 am, so I am sorry if anyone wanted to sleep in. If you would like to see the "Five Fingers Lighthouse" you will need to be up by 3:30 or 4:00 am, and guess what, the SUN WILL ALREADY BE UP!


These two shots are on the return from Sawyer Glacier, notice the ice in the water. The ship will most likely run into a couple, but they're just the small ones, no need to panic! One concept of the itinerary on this cruise that I really like is there's not a better side to the ship. We will cruise one way up, turn around and cruise the other way back giving both sides of the ship the same views just a little time, or day, difference, so just sit back on your own private veranda and enjoy the world as it goes by, you'll see it all sooner or later!



Imagine what this glacier formed valley looked like about 2000 years ago!


This is South Sawyer Glacier on your right. Not as big as "Hubbard" but the color of the ice is much cleaner as you can see in the little icebergs floating by below. The blue color in these two was pretty intense wait till you see them up close and in person, very "cool", no pun intended! To see a bigger image of the two shots below just put your mouse on the picture and "click"!


Alaska is a popular cruise destination and you will get to see other cruise lines along the way, this one belongs to Holland American

One of my favorite "free excursions" is this cruise up the Tracy Arm, hopefully these pictures have given you an example of what to expect.

Now it's onto Juneau for a Lighthouse Excursion!

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Reunion Cruise!

It's an Alaskan Lighthouse Adventure

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Juneau, Alaska

For June 13th, 2011

Sunrise 3:44 am

Sunset 10:19 pm

Ave Temp 46 - 56

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