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Alaskan Lighthouse Adventure in Paradise

Day 1 - Seattle - Departure

Day 2 - Day at Sea

Day 3 - Ketchikan

Day 4 - Tracy Arm Fjord

Day 4 - Juneau

Day 5 - Skagway

Day 6 - Day at Sea

Day 7 - At Sea

Day 7 - Victoria, BC

Day 8 - Seattle - Arrival

Yes in deed!

We have our own Lighthouse right onboard the Infinity! I think I see  few "group shots" available, what do you say Paul, can we get everyone in this shot?

Loving Life onboard Celebrity Cruises!

Just another day in Paradise!

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Alaskan Lighthouse Adventure in Paradise

Harbour Light's 20th Anniversary Reunion Cruise

Day  6 - Day at Sea


Yes we will be passing between 40 and 60 lighthouse but not all will be close, so bring those big lenses if you have them!

This shot is Cape Decision Lighthouse in Alaska.


Anther great day cruising, I love my days at sea!


No more "M id-Night" buffets but they do one heck of a "Buffet Brunch". This will be on Wednesday as we are just cruising along with nothing better to do than eat, oh now that's not true, we'll have lots to do!


Did I mention that there's a very nice casino onboard? Well just in case you were not aware of it this is "Fortunes Casino" and I do not think they missed anything for you to try your luck with, good luck & remember they call it gambling!


Don't forget to bring a swimming suit, there is a nice indoor pool, and it's even warm! This area also houses one of my favorite spots for lunch, the Aqua Spa Cafe, but don't tell anyone, it's my secret spot!


After a fun day at sea and a little "Reunion Gathering", it's time to get cleaned up for a festive evening in the dining room. Here on your right is the waiters entertaining you on our "Baked Alaskan" Formal Night!




All decked out enjoying life at sea, yes, I do enjoy my tux! Being that I am just a "surfer" at heart, whenever I gets a chance to get me out of my shorts and get all dressed up, I love it. It is not mandatory to get all dressed up so do not panic guys, they'll still let you in the dining room for dinner without a "suite and tie".

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Harbour Lights

20th  Anniversary

Reunion Cruise!

It's an Alaskan Lighthouse Adventure

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