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"Out to Sea"?

  Possible Canadian    Lighthouse Sightings?

(Vancouver Island, BC)

8:00 - Quatsino

9:00 - Nootka

9:30 - Estevan Point

10:45 - Lennard Island

11:50 - Amphitrite Point

12:30 - Cape Beale

1:00 - Pachena Point  

 1:45 - Carmanah Point


2:00 - Cape Flattery

2:25 - Slip Point

Or Maybe it's the Inside Passage route & we might see these

"Pacific Coastline"

Green Island

Triple Islands

Lucy Islands

Holland Rock

Lawyer Islands

McInnes Island

Bonilla Island

"Inside Passage"

Pine Island

Scarlett Point

Pulteney Point

Chatham Point

Cape Mudge

Chrome Island

Sisters Islets

Ballenas Islands

Merry Island

Entrance Island

Porlier Pass Range Rear

Sand Heads

Active Pass

Portlock Point

East Point

Patos Island - WA

Turn Point - WA

Lime Kiln - WA

Discovery Island

Trial Islandsl

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Alaskan Lighthouse Adventure in Paradise

Harbour Light's 20th Anniversary Reunion Cruise

Day  7 - Morning & Afternoon at Sea!

We have two possible routes for our return at this time, but by the time we sail I will have an itinerary that will list what we'll see, it's all up to Celebrity Cruises and "Mother Nature"! On the left I listed the lighthouses that we will see taking the "Out to Sea" route as well as the "Inside Passage" route.


These shots are from the "Out to Sea" day I had in June of 2010.

Estevan Point Lighthouse on Vancouver Island here on the port side is about 25 miles from the ship, but as you can see, still visible!



Pachena Point Lighthouse

Pachena: foam on the rocks. A fitting name for a point where hundred foot cliffs meet an often tempestuous sea. Originally named Beghadoss Point, after the Becherdass-Ambiadass which shipwrecked there in 1879, the point received its current name in 1907 when the lighthouse was completed.


On your left in the picture below is Cape Flattery, WA, about 5 miles from the ship but not a bad shot. Cape Flattery is on the starboard side of the ship on the return. The next shot on the right is a Canadian light, Carmanah Point Lighthouse


Kind of hard to drive your car to Cape Flattery, good thing we're "cruising"!

The shots below are more of what we'll get to see if I can talk the Captain into taking us through the "Inside Passage" between Vancouver and main-land BC


 A beautiful sight for those who enjoy cruising, a pass through an Inside Passage. This one comes from a "Concierge Class" balcony stateroom on deck 9.






Lots of "Mother Nature" in Alaska and Canada, just keep a look out I can guarantee you'll see, or hear, about every sighting!





This is a scene that you might witness no matter which route we sail, out to sea or the inside passage. The whales are everywhere on this itinerary.





It doesn't get much better than this, but we'll try!


Rod Hunt - Owner/Agent


"Life's a Journey, Enjoy the Ride!"








Alaskan Lighthouse Adventure in Paradise

Day 1 - Seattle - Departure

Day 2 - Day at Sea

Day 3 - Ketchikan

Day 4 - Tracy Arm Fjord

Day 4 - Juneau

Day 5 - Skagway

Day 6 - Day at Sea

Day 7 - At Sea

Day 7 - Victoria, BC

Day 8 - Seattle - Arrival

Harbour Lights

20th  Anniversary

Reunion Cruise!

It's an Alaskan Lighthouse Adventure

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