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Surfing the Canal Cruise

Day 1 - Arrival - San Juan, PR

Day 2 - Day at the Beach!

Day 3 - Dawn Patrol & transfer to the Millennium

Day 4 - Day at Sea #1

Day 5 - Catergena, Columbia

Day 6 - Day at Sea #2

Day 7 - Cruising the Canal

Day 8 - Day at Sea #3

Day 9 - Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Day 10 - Day at Sea #4

Day 11 - Day at Sea #5

Day 12 - Huatulco, MX

Day 13 - Acapulco, MX

Day 14 - Day at Sea #6

Day 15 - Cabo San Lucas

Day 16 - Day at Sea #7

Day 17 - Arrival in San Diego

Day 18 - Dawn Patrol & RCL

Day 19 - A Visit to RCI's Mariner of the Seas!

Day 20 - A Visit to RCL's Radiance of the Seas


The Millennium from Boca Barranca just south of Puntarenas

Nice morning, around 8:30 am and 85 degrees


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Adventures in Paradise - Panama Canal, Hot Fun in the Sun!

"Surfing the Canal"  Cruise, April 2010!

Day 9, means I'm in

It wasn't Puntarenas I was headed for but that's where the ship docks. I had heard not a lot of good about Puntarenas so I wasn't expecting to be impressed. I did however get impressed once we left the port city of 100,000 people and found my way to this, Boca Barranca, what a fun wave!

Boca Barranca, Costa Rico!

The one wave I was aware of in Costa Rica that I was really looking forward to did not let me down. The paddle out takes it toll on this land-locked old guy but well worth the 60 second ride you get! Below I am headed out with my new bud, Chuck Herwig, after we left his ride with his wife along with the local "watch-men".


You definitely do not want to piss off the boys below who you will, on occasion, share the line-up with! This guy below was at least 20 feet long, I kid you not!

Now on your right is Chuck's Surfing Santa! Now Santa you  do not need to worry about, just the big "Croc" here! Chuck not only treated me real well but owns and operates the BEST surf shop in Jaco. In my journeys I have seen many shops and none of them had the inventory that Chuck carries, a must stop when you visit here, and I recommend that some day you, with me or by yourself, get out there and just do it!


Chuck has a nice selection of new & used boards, accessories, apparel, guide services, lessons, SUP, rentals and just about anything you'll need. Chuck promotes the ECO thing and knows what he's doing, renting is way easier than bringing your own equipment and you would be doing the "Green Thing" if you do rent, plus I can guarantee you'll save money, who can argue that!


Ride in style with a professional guide and add in a great lunch for $5.00, what a great way to spend the day!

Next Stop, checking out Hermosa! This day was not what we wanted to see but I could see lots of possibilities and miles of fun when it's on! Do beware if you come down and do not use a guide like Chuck, or surf with the locals, there are lots of strong rips, be smart!

After we left Hermosa we stop by a great area call Esterillos Oeste. Reminded me of "Old Mans" in San Clemente, with more shade and down here that's a plus! In front of the sign is a larger reef with lots of breaks and to the south was a nice long beach break area leading down to a river mouth nice combination! When you get done head to any of the clean little establishment, like "The Lowtide Lounge"


After the afternoon of checking out Jaco & Hermosa we headed back to the ship. Along the way we stopped by and checked out "Caldera", not a bad little peak but time was short and we wanted to check out Barranca before I headed out to sea!

Well I will say, this boy was a tired Big Kahuna by the time I got back to the ship, I bet I sleep good tonight!

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Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Where's Flo now?

Looking for Chuck!

Chuck's W.O.W.

Costa Rica


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Cartagena, Columbia

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